Days and Nights

by Sweet Soubrette

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"Take Amanda Palmer covering Radiohead and then take Phoebe Legere and drain out the jazz and replace it with Jenny Lewis circa The Execution Of All Things and then throw on some fishnet stockings and you have Sweet Soubrette..." –Rock NYC

"What makes a Sweet Soubrette? Speculatively, one part circus performer, one part poet, and third part rockstar...a Sweet Soubrette show is much like badass adult story time." –CultureMob


released January 1, 2011

Ellia Bisker: vocals, ukulele
Heather Cole: violin
Mike Dobson: drums, glockenspiel
Bob Smith: bass, keyboard on “Avalanche”
Accordion on "Petite Souris" by Peter Bufano
Additional instrumentation by Tim Cohan

All songs written and composed by Ellia Bisker
© Sweet Soubrette Songs (ASCAP)
(p) MH Records/Ellia Bisker

Produced by Tim Cohan, MH Records
“All That Glitters,” “Jetty,” and “Tenderness” recorded at MH Studios, NYC
All other tracks recorded at Mother West Studios, NYC
Engineered and mixed by Tim Cohan at MH Studios and Flux Studios, NYC
Mastered by Stefan Heger at Fisheye Studios, Cologne, Germany

Cover photo by Neil Beckerman
Graphic design by Randall Leddy


all rights reserved



Sweet Soubrette Brooklyn, New York

Sweet Soubrette features the songwriting, vocals and ukulele of Ellia Bisker, whose dark, edgy "existential indie rock" has won fans' hearts and critical praise since the release of debut album Siren Song. She is joined by a talented backing band, often featuring as many as 8 musicians onstage. Sweet Soubrette's fourth album, Big Celebrity, was released in 2016. ... more

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Track Name: All That Glitters
I found out by accident
A pretty face can pay the rent
But now I’ve learned a little more
I love the things I can’t afford

Standing on my own two feet
I want the lap of luxury
Oh can’t let beauty go to waste
The girl has got expensive taste

All that glitters
Is what makes me yours
Couldn’t settle
For the dazzle of the dance floor
Sugar daddy
Never been so true
I’m a gold digger and I dig you

Spoil me and make me smile
Flowers drivers and the Paris styles
I just want your hand to hold
Falling for you and your heart of gold

All that glitters
Is what makes me yours
Couldn’t settle
For the dazzle of the dance floor
Sugar daddy
Never been so true
I’m a gold digger and I dig you

Hush little baby don’t say a word
Daddy’s gonna buy you a mockingbird
And if that mockingbird don’t sing
Daddy’s gonna buy you a diamond ring

All that glitters
Is what makes me yours
Couldn’t settle
For the dazzle of the dance floor
Sugar daddy
I’m a fool for you
I’m a gold digger and I dig you
Track Name: City People
You’re city people
You like to live alone
You’re older than your parents were
When you were born

You know how time flies
But it’s hard for you to see
You wait for it to feel
Like an emergency

And you want to have his babies
But you know you won’t
You could call him up right now
But you know better so you don’t
There’s nothing wasted
Or at least that’s what they say
But you’re not getting any younger babe

We’ve all got secrets
And some are very small
You’re not too cool
For ordinary life at all

Sometimes you wonder
What you’re running from or to
And when you can’t keep running
What you’re gonna do

There’s a reason why you drink so much these days
Whisky blurs the lines of age
You’ve started seeing in your face
There’s no escaping
The kind of trouble that you’re in
The game you’re playing baby no one wins

And the boy you didn’t marry
Wouldn’t know you now
You could never quite explain it
You just had to leave somehow
There’s no returning
To any place where you were young
You’re not still waiting are you
For your charming prince to come
You’re not still waiting are you
For your prince to come
Track Name: Days and Nights
There’s a black cat in the garden and I’m far from home
In other people’s houses like I’m studying their lives
Could I take you with me darling if I came back here again
Or do I have to learn these lessons while I’m traveling alone
If I want to make my way to you again

The women here are stern and kind
And the men just want to play
If you had to pick a single place
Where would you choose to stay

A woman told my fortune in the south of France
She said you could be a mother yet and you could be a star
You could keep on working at this writing songs to break your heart
You could spend your whole life driving town to town inside your car
You could run and find you’re right back at the start

But here’s what I would like to know
Though I try to travel light
Do the people come and people go
Or is it just the days and nights

Someday I’ll find a place where I can rest my head
In the middle of the city or some country town
In the stillness of the evening let my long hair down
Will you be in bed beside me as I lay me down to sleep
When I wake I wonder what I’ll get to keep

I’d like to save this song for you
Through all the nights and days
When it’s time to pick a single place
You’re where I’d choose to stay

But here’s what I would like to know
Though I try to travel light
Do the people come and people go
Or is it just the days and nights
Track Name: Avalanche
It’s like a sickness
Where the cure just might be worse
Stuck in a stalemate
It’s a wicked kind of curse
Devil you don’t know
Or the devil that you do
Best pick your poison
Or your poison will find you

Rock and a hard place
Baby something’s got to give
I fear the avalanche
But waiting for the cave-in
Is no way to live

There is a highway
That passes through the zone
Around Chernobyl
And I ride it all alone
Along the narrow center line
Where the Geiger counter’s slow
But on my left and on my right
I see the radiation glow

Rock and a hard place…

So help me doctor
Heal my troubles if you would
Give me some medicine
Prescribe me something good
I need a remedy
For my condition to improve
Is there a cure for this paralysis
For I can hardly move

Rock and a hard place…
Track Name: Laws of Conservation
Nothing ever disappears completely
Bruises fade but X-rays find
The places where the fractures were
And somewhere in your captain’s log
You keep a faithful catalogue
Of every single hurt

And what on earth to do with all the faces
And moments that accumulate
Like dust or snow or anything that falls
So very quietly and slowly
If the people in your memory
Could keep each other company
Would that make you less lonely

The laws of conservation say
The more things change
The more they stay the same
The more they change
It makes no difference come what may
You know that what you throw away
Is what you can’t escape

Nothing ever disappears completely
Take a hatchet bury it
And something will come up again
But whether it’s a weapon
Or a ploughshare
Or an instrument of beauty
Or a tree that fells itself
There is no telling

The laws of conservation say
The more things change
The more they stay the same
The more they change
The more they stay the same
The more they change
The more they stay the same
Track Name: A Lot Like Being Alone
No one is coming to rescue you
And no one is watching you sleep
No lover redeemer
To make you believe her
When she says your heart isn’t buried so deep
And you’re lying awake in your bed
Just you and the animals inside your head
How they pace in their cages
They gnaw at their bones
Feels a lot like being alone

It’s four in the morning
Your heart beats a warning
That you can’t quite figure out
Is it Hold on be strong
or Don’t wait too much longer now
It’s so hard to endure
When you’re not sure if you’re on
A fast or a hunger strike
You just pray that you’re right
And you’ll get through tonight
Because babe you know what it feels like

It’s too early or too late to call
And here in this house behind fortified walls
You know nothing gets through
But a voice on the phone
Feels a lot like being alone
Track Name: Jetty
When the weather’s right
And my planets align
All my pretty ducklings in a row
I’ll get what’s mine

Waiting for my ship to come in
Standing on the stone jetty
It will only ever happen someday
But I am ready already already

Pray to my lucky stars
They will clear the way
It is so hard to be patient
But I will come home to stay
Track Name: Tenderness
You drink your whisky sour
I take lemon in my tea
Sometimes it takes something hon
To balance out the sweet
That's why I'm tender
But my tenderness has teeth

Sometimes it takes a little pain
To show you how you feel
Just like the taste is what
The spiciness is there to reveal
I know that fire's not a flavor
But the fire is what makes the flavor real

Can you sense the claws in my caress
The bite beneath my kiss
Believe me when I tell you babe
We're better off like this
Because we're both the kind of people
Who need to feel teeth in our tenderness

We're the kind of people who
Need to feel some teeth in our tenderness
Track Name: Petite Souris
Sois tranquille petite souris
Tu peux dormir je reste ici
Aucun chaton ne va venir
Petite souris

Fais de beaux rêves petite souris
Au pain sucré et aux biscuits
Laisse pas de miettes dans ton lit
Petite souris

La lune elle brille
Comme la glace à la vanille
Les étoiles étincellent
Comme du sucre dans le ciel

Ferme les yeux petite souris
Regarde le noir comme c’est joli
Et toi aussi ma douce cherie
Petite souris

Settle down my little mouse
And go to sleep I’ll stay right here
And I’ll make sure no cat comes near
My little mouse

Dream sweet dreams my little mouse
Of cakes and treats cookies and cream
Don’t leave the crumbs between the sheets
My little mouse

The moon it gleams
Like vanilla ice cream
The stars they shine
Like sugar in the sky

Close your eyes my little mouse
And see the dark how beautiful
And so are you my darling sweet
My little mouse
Track Name: Stick Around
Staple yourself to me baby
Don’t go fluttering off in the wind
Let me puncture you with my teeth
Fix you with a steel pin

I don’t know why
I can’t just let you pass me by
But I don’t know who
I’d want to stick around baby but you

Make me a bracelet of paper
Chain me lightly and don’t let me go
Let me just feel the kiss
Of your hand round my wrist
And I’ll run but I’ll run nice and slow

I don’t know why
I can’t just let you pass me by
And I don’t know how
I’m supposed to get through right now
Cause I don’t know when
I’ll get to see you again
But when I do
I’ll want to stick around
I’ll want to stick around
Baby I’d stick around you
Track Name: Snow White & Rose Red
There’s no raising girls like us
We have to raise ourselves
We’ve been growing dangerous
Since we were only twelve
We walk up to the water
And we push each other in
It’s the best way
It’s the only way
That we could learn to swim

Because it’s sink or swim
Sink or swim
Sink or swim

Snow White and her sister Rose Red
Lived all by themselves
In a little cottage yes
With books upon the shelves
One day a great big grizzly bear
Came knocking at their door
They welcomed him
Oh they let him in
Till he cried out for more

But they know less is more
Less is more
Less is more

And we knew the end of the story
Before we were even half-grown
No godmother’s granting our wishes
So we’ll just work it out on our own
At least we can count on each other
We’re not here in the forest alone

When we’re good, we’re oh so good
But when we’re bad we’re best
We’ve been doing all we could
To put this to the test
We reach into the fire
And we feel our fingers burn
It’s a lesson
Bitter blessing
That’s the way we live and learn

Oh yes it’s live and learn
Live and learn
Live and learn