Siren Song

by Sweet Soubrette

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Sweet Soubrette's debut album, described by The Deli as "Almost impossible to stop replaying in one's head after hearing."

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released October 17, 2007


all rights reserved



Sweet Soubrette Brooklyn, New York

Sweet Soubrette features the songwriting, vocals and ukulele of Ellia Bisker, whose dark, edgy "existential indie rock" has won fans' hearts and critical praise since the release of debut album Siren Song. She is joined by a talented backing band, often featuring as many as 8 musicians onstage. Sweet Soubrette's fourth album, Big Celebrity, was released in 2016. ... more

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Track Name: Can't Stop Thinking
Wake up some mornings just feeling so blue
But you do what you can and that’s all you can do
Sometimes it’s hard but you’ve got to get through
I can’t stop thinking of you

Sun’s riding high but I can’t feel it shine
The weather’s been cloudy for me all this time
Ask how I’m doing and I’ll tell you I’m fine
But I can’t stop thinking of you

I eat but you know I just can’t taste a thing
And when I drink I drink myself blind
Get lost when I walk don’t make sense when I talk
Guess I’ve got other things on my mind

Toss and I turn when the day goes to night
Is there no way to make this poor heavy heart light
Guess you’d be right if you called me a fool
’Cause I can’t stop thinking of you
Track Name: Lucky to Be Here
Once I could make myself at home
Anywhere curl up like a cat
But I’ve grown out of being that way
You could say I got wary
Or just learned to carry
More baggage around of my own

I sat on the edge of your leather chair
Like I was about to go somewhere
And when I left your place
I left no trace behind me
I was treading lightly
Not a single thing
Not a bobby pin
Not a strand of hair

I was just visiting
Where I was living
Was somewhere alone
And you’ve known I was visiting
But I think I just might stay for while
It’s the way that you smile
it’s the way I feel
Lucky to be here
Lucky to be here at all

I saw you at the bar and I thought
I had missed my moment when I saw
The woman you were with
And it gave me a shock
That knock of my heart in my chest
I was certain that it was too late
To decide to say yes or resist

So to wake up beside you
As the morning light comes in
Washing the room in white
Is so sweet that it aches
And it shakes me a little
To think maybe it’ll be
Something I learn not to fight
Track Name: Pacemaker
I said I loved you then I turned and walked away
I’ve done some damage dear but what is there to say
My heart it did not lie to me nor did I lie to you
But just because a heart’s sincere that doesn’t make it true

My daddy told me when I was just a baby girl
You’ll be a heartbreaker my darling little pearl
I didn’t want to hurt no one but I seemed to have a knack
The world it was my oyster there were shells I had to crack

Give me a pacemaker to steady up my heart
Give me a pacemaker to pace me
Before I tear myself apart

I’ve tried to change my ways and just stand by my man
I would be steadfast but I don’t know if I can
No claim upon my loyalty is ever quite complete
My heart’s a bit defective it’s got an irregular beat
Track Name: Suckerpunch
There's nothing more romantic than a doomed romance
There's nothing more romantic than a doomed romance
You can listen to the music but you never get to dance

There's nothing so alluring ss a prize you can't win
There's nothing so alluring as a prize you just can't win
You can lean against the window but they'll never let you in
And there's nothing to it really but the trouble that you're in

And there's nothing like a man for making love into an art
There's nothing like a man for making love into an art
He'll kiss you on the lips and then he'll suckerpunch your heart
Yes he'll kiss you on the lips and then
He'll suckerpunch your sucker of a heart
Track Name: Cut-Up
He was so mysterious
When he was still here
He’d act so very serious
But was he sincere
He was charming and disarming
He’d say things we wouldn’t dare
Draw a line he’d cross it
’Cause he simply didn’t care
He was a cut-up
And now he’s cut and run

Was he sarcastic
It was so hard to tell
It was simply fantastic
How he faked it so well
He’d come off as smarmy
But it was all snark
He was rightfully famed for
His inappropriate remarks

Oh yes his smart mouth was
Gonna earn him trouble and strife
He was cruising for a bruising
He’s our hero for life
He was a cut-up
And now he’s cut and run

One day he vanished
Where did he go
Someplace sunny and Spanish
Nobody knows
Lo deseo pero no lo tengo
Es él vaquero en México?
He was practically obsequious
Perfectly innocuous
Innocent but deadly
He was thoroughly obnoxious
Everybody misses him
But this bird has flown
Bad influence bad apple
He was bad to the bone

Oh yes his smart mouth was
Gonna earn him trouble and strife
He was cruising for a bruising
He’s our hero for life
He was a cut-up
And now he’s cut and run
Track Name: Tears That I've Cried
I’ve given up fighting what I know to be true
I’ve lost my taste for anyone who’s not you
But you’re so far from me and it makes me so blue

I know it’s not healthy I know it’s no good
I think about you dear far more than I should
But I wouldn’t stop it if even I could

And I’ve tried so hard just to be satisfied
But I can’t help but want you right here by my side
Got a heart that keeps hoping but my eyes open wide
Don’t ask me the number of tears that I’ve cried

You may truly love me but it’s still kind of rough
’Cause what it comes down to when push comes to shove
Is that love can be lovely but it’s rarely enough

Oh but I’ve tried so hard just to be satisfied
And I can’t help but want you right here by my side
Got a heart that keeps hoping and my eyes open wide
You’d be worth any number of tears that I’ve cried
Track Name: Unlucky in Love
I met a man I wanted and I wanted more
We got a little room up on the thirteenth floor
He’s made my life a misery this man I adore
I guess I’m just unlucky in love

I went outside to see him and I stepped on a crack
He’s like a bad old penny only he don’t come back
My heart is worse than broken it’s a full-on attack
I guess I’m just unlucky in love

I looked into my mirror and it smashed to shards
Misfortune’s mine for seven more years
Happiness in romance isn’t in the cards
It seems like I’m just destined for tears

A black cat walked across as we were lying in bed
Now every day that passes I’m a bundle of dread
A gypsy tried to help I didn’t do what she said
I guess I’m just unlucky in love
Track Name: Siren Song
You were shipwrecked my darling but you couldn't tell
If the speck you spied out on the briny blue swell
Was a rescue boat coming to take you away
Or a mermaid to drown you down under the waves
I swam a bit closer and what did you see
Not a coast guard ship sailing the sparkling seas
But a lady afloat and a-glimmer with scales
With a gleam in her eye and a shimmering tail

Well it's true that the ocean's where I lay my head
With a shell for my pillow and kelp for my bed
And I've sent a few sailors to watery graves
When they've followed me into the waves
But there's no need for fear for I'll do you no harm
Just roll up your cuffs dear wade into my arms
Though I sing on the swells as I comb out my hair
I'm the answer to your seaman's prayer

You tossed a glass bottle out into the foam
The message begged someone to carry you home
I would carry you there you're the one I would keep
Come down with me into the undersea deep
There are wonders and whales in the waters below
We can waltz by the light of electric eel glow
On a dance floor of seaweed and mother of pearl
Come with me and I'll be your sweet Lorelei girl

Oh my kisses are salty but sweetheart I swear
I'm the answer to your seaman's prayer
Track Name: Homewrecker
I’ve never been known for my self-control
See I like to say yes more than I like to say no
I know I shouldn’t escalate
But it’s so exciting raising the stakes

There’s a word for girls like me
Disrespectful of domestic tranquility
I don’t try to justify it’s wrong yes I get this

Destruction in my wake
See something I want
I just reach out and take it
Courting disaster
Think that I’m a fast girl
Well I get even faster

Here I am messing with the social order
Your marriage and me are like oil and water
Or maybe more like powder and spark
It won’t take long before I make my mark

I’m more trouble than you think I am
See I got no morals and I got no man
You don’t know just what I’ll do
I’m a loose cannon and I’m pointing at you

But you’ve got to believe me it was never my plan
To go and fall in love with a married man
It’s got to be the dumbest thing I’ve ever done
But I’m caught up completely now it’s too late to run

It’s not my choice to make
Set my heart on something
I’m just setting up to break it
I just want to master
A sticky situation
But it’s simply a disaster
Track Name: This Little Song
Oh it’s a funny sort of thing
It’s kind of hard to talk about
All I can really do is sing
It’s never been like this before
I thought I’d feel it less and less
Instead I feel it more and more

And something happened I don’t understand
It must have been the way you looked
At me or was it when you took my hand
Oh it’s a mystery for sure
When all we really did was kiss
I never felt it quite like this before

I dream about you every day and night
It’s half despair and half delight
You haunt me like a melody
And as for hope there’s not a lot
But even so at least I’ve got
This little song to keep me company

It is impossible to know
If all the stars are crossing us
Or if there’s one that won’t say no
I would prefer the easy way
I’d rather see you face to face
Than dream about you night and day

And tell me that we didn’t meet too late
Just think about it darling
And I’ll gladly hurry up and wait
And in the meantime here with me
At least I’ve got this little song
To keep me calm to keep me company
Track Name: Safety in Numbers
We've got scars on our faces and blood on our hands
We're too fallen from grace not to know where we stand
But your hands on my body your body with mine
Makes me think maybe things could be different this time

We don’t know where we’re going no captain’s aboard
Yes the wind just keeps blowing this boat toward the shore
But I’m sure when we land we will land somewhere sweet
With no crew but the two of us under the sheet

And God knows it’s been rough
This wringer we’ve been through
Could it be enough just to be with you
Lean into the safety in numbers
Sometimes the best one is two

Are we fools to come creeping where angels won’t tread
Stir the dogs that lie sleeping beside us in bed
And you said I was trouble but trouble’s all right
We can walk through the dark rooms and turn on the lights

We are old and we’re older we’re wiser than wise
Got no wings on our shoulders just stars in our eyes
We could rise up to meet it whatever may come
It’s a basic equation just add one to one

And God knows it’s been rough
This wringer we’ve been through
But it could be more than enough
Just to be with you
This safety in numbers
Comes from the sum of us
Sometimes the best one is two
Track Name: Ukulele Love Song
Where have you been all my life
It’s like we were made for each other
I can’t explain it
It’s just the right fit
I’d bring you home to my mother

You make me so happy
You just slay me

You’re just the right size for a girl like me
Look into my eyes and you’re sure to see
This is the real thing
What I am saying
Is when I hold you I’m not just playing

It might sound funny the two of us as a pair
But listen honey if people talk I don’t care
I didn’t know you
Were what was missing
But now I’ve found you you’re all I’m wishing